Rules of conduct for students

Together we create a trusting, secure and respectful study environment

Due to the COVID-19 situation, UCN has devised a set of rules of conduct which you must read and follow. The rules of conduct aim to reduce risk of infection and avoid the spread of infection. The rules follow the directions of the Danish Health Authority.

See Healthcare guidelines for UCN students (PDF).

You are now part of UCN

You will be doing a programme or a course full-time or part-time, and we consider you part of UCN. You and your fellow students as well as lecturers and UCN employees may enrich each other and develop a good study environment together.

Trust, security and respect

We want a study environment characterised by trust, security and respect. We are all responsible for it to succeed. We therefore ask you to read our rules of conduct carefully. It will help you get the most out of your time at UCN and avoid getting into situations that UCN considers unacceptable.

Transparency and fairness

We will tell you how we handle unacceptable behaviour at UCN. It could, for example, be threats, cheating in exams or violence and bullying towards fellow students or lecturers. In such cases we follow a set of rules and procedures. They assure transparency and fairness for all parties. No one is served by a study environment characterised by arbitrariness, cheating, insecurity and lack of respect. 

Rules of conduct are there for your sake

UCN's rules of conduct are there for you and for us all. Together we create a trusting, secure and respectful study environment. UCN's focus is on learning and community. Please feel free to speak with your lecturer or student advisor, if you have questions.

Read the phamplet about guidelines for student behaviour at UCN.