Further education

Options for further education when graduating the Sport Management programme

Master’s study opportunities abroad 

UCN’s specialised study programmes are aimed at students who want to start their working life immediately after having completed their education. However, if you do not wish to start your working life at once, you can look into the possibility of studying further to achieve a Master’s degree abroad.

Usually, you will be qualified to be enrolled in most of the Master's degree programmes within the field of your Bachelor's degree.

However, it may be difficult to be enrolled in the highest ranking and most sought-after Master’s degree programmes, as these only have a limited intake.

The foreign university typically requires information about the courses you have completed as well as the scope of these courses. Furthermore, they will require information about your grades and ECTS credits as well as a reference to the curriculum for your specific study programme.

As we have experienced that our students request individualised solutions, UCN has decided not to establish specific cooperation agreements with foreign universities. Therefore, you have to explore your opportunities yourself.

If you feel that finding a university is a bit overwhelming, it might be beneficial to address an organisation that helps organise studies abroad; primarily in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, England, Canada, Hawaii etc.

These organisations will typically be one of the following:

Furthermore, you can browse through www.mastersportal.eu, where you will find a comprehensive database of Master’s degree programmes, offered by more than 950 universities from all over the world. You can also find information and guidance in our guide called Master's programmes outside Denmark.

If you have any other requests, the international office will be able to help you establish contact and provide you with guidance and direction – free of charge – when you have found the foreign university you are interested in applying for.


In Denmark, Master’s degree programmes (kandidatuddannelser) are free (for EU citizens ), whereas part-time masters are typically self-financed. Educational institutions outside Denmark usually charge tuition fees. The prices vary very much. In private educational institutions tuition fees are usually higher than in public institutions.

In the highest ranking universities, a master’s programme may cost more than DKK 200,000 per year, whereas the cheapest universities usually charge approximately DKK 60,000 per year. 

English level

If you want to apply for further education after UCN, please check out the English level/tests which the university you want to apply to do require from the applicants. It can differ from the tests and minimum score which UCN require.

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