Start of term at UCN

Congratulations and welcome to your new education at University College of Northern Denmark

It is very important to us that your start of term runs as smoothly as possible. Therefore we have teamed up with many of the current students at UCN, who, in collaboration with the teachers, will try to give you a good welcome when you start your new programme.

They are responsible for arranging a lot of the start of term events and will introduce you to student counsellors, student secretaries, school facilities, and the study environment.

You will learn that we take our slogan - Real Life Education - very seriously. All of our programmes work in close collaboration with the surrounding industry, and internships are an integrated part of the curriculum.

A large part of the lectures are built on real life problems and issues, often created in collaboration with the surrounding industry, schools, or institutions. This way we can pave the road for you - and with an education from UCN you are ready to take part in the future industry.

Good luck with your new studies and your new education.

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