How to get entry to Denmark

Important information for international students

Documentation of worthy purpose for entering Denmark

International UCN students who want to enter Denmark might need documentation to prove that UCN is physically open and that their study requires their physical presence at UCN. 

For that reason, UCN has prepared a personal document for all international students to show on request as documentary evidence of their worthy purpose when entering Denmark. It is important that students bring either a printed or a digital copy of the document when they want to enter Denmark.

  • New international students receive the document through the admission portal with the receipt they get when they confirm their study place.  
  • Current international students who are returning to Denmark from abroad will have received the document in their UCN inbox.
  • Incoming exchange students will have received the document through MoveOn.

The document states that if the Danish authorities have any questions about the document, the authorities should call UCN where we will be ready to help. 

See the rules on entering Denmark at the Danish Police’s website.

UCN's rules for entry to Denmark 

UCN's management has decided that all international students coming into Denmark from abroad must be tested for COVID-19 on arrival in Denmark.

This decision was made based on a precautionary principle, and it applies to all international students no matter where they are coming from and when they arrive in Denmark. It is the students’ responsibility to be tested in due time and that they have an answer to their test in due time before the activity that they are supposed to attend at UCN. For this reason, we recommend that you arrive in Denmark at least 4 working days before you have to be on one of UCN's campuses.

We expect that the test can be made at the Danish border (the towns of either Kruså or Frøslev) or at the airport. Without a Danish civil registration number, there are only a few specific test centres available for testing. 

It is free for anyone to be tested for COVID-19.

You can learn more about the test centres by following these links:

If you cannot be tested at the Danish border as expected, you can be tested in Aalborg at one of the mobile test centres. Read more about how to be tested for COVID-19.

If you are tested positive, you will be notified by phone within 48 hours of your test. If you are tested negative, you will not receive a phone call.

If you are tested positive, you must follow the authorities’ guidelines, inform UCN and selfisolate. Read more about rules and regulations, and answers to questions about COVID-19 from the Danish police, the Danish Health Authority, and other authorities.