Selma Lagerløfs Vej Campus in Aalborg

The attractive and modern building on Selma Lagerløfs Vej is UCN's campus for healthcare programmes.

You will feel at ease here. Selma Lagerløfs Vej Campus is characterised by close cooperation across the healthcare programmes. When you enter the building on Selma Lagerløfs Vej, you will feel it buzzing with life. At the heart of the building is the large atrium with the cafeteria and the dining area, and all the way around, you will find three floors of student workrooms, offices and classrooms.

Labs like in real life

At Selma Lagerløfs Vej Campus you will be using the skills laboratory that is related to your programme; the midwives have a delivery room, the nurses have a hospital ward, the radiographers have an X-ray room, the physiotherapists have a motion laboratory, and the occupational therapists have a fully furnished flat and a garden. These modern labs allow you to practice your role before you step out into reality.

Access 24 hours a day

Students have the opportunity to use the Campus facilities after hours. Your student ID gives you round-the-clock access to Campus, which has several lounges and student work areas. This is where you and your fellow students can do group work or just hang out.

You won’t be alone on this campus – you will meet students of:


Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy

Midwifery, Radiography, and Nursing


Use the sports hall in and outside classes

Selma Lagerløfs Vej Campus gives you access to shared facilities such as the library, the cafeteria and the sports hall. The physical environment and facilities are important to the professional part of your education, but you are also welcome to use them outside hours with your fellow students.

Meet the other students at the Friday Bar

Selma Lagerløfs Vej Campus has a tradition of an annual sport days, festive Christmas celebrations and colourful introduction- and graduation parties. In addition, the students run a successful Friday bar. This is the place to end your week with great music, cold drinks and a good time with other students.

Find out more about Café Frejs Friday bar on Facebook.


You will meet your lecturers in the classroom – and around Campus

At UCN you will meet lecturers and heads of programme during your daily routines, and wherever you are on Campus, their offices will always be within a short walking distance. Teaching and learning activities usually take place as whole-class instruction in regular classrooms, and, in some cases, in the auditorium for shared presentations. If you need help, you can always knock on an office door to ask a question.