Life on campus

Student ambassadors and tutors will welcome you to UCN with a great start-of-term programme with fun events and peer-to-peer advice on student life and how to find your way around campus and the city. Each year, we welcome around 3,000 new students; Some 400 of those are international, so you will not be starting the journey on your own.

Each year, UCN rolls out the red carpet for our new students with a great start-of-term programme for our Danish and international students. It is hosted by a large team of student ambassadors and student tutors from the various academic programmes who know and understand what it is like to start as a new student.

They will make sure that you are thoroughly introduced to UCN, to your specific academic programme, to our student councellors and secretaries, to campus facilities and of course to campus and city life. They will also provide practical tips on living, studying and working in Denmark.

Throughout the academic year, the ambassadors also arrange a lot of exciting events and parties. The list of activities is ever-expanding as students make new requests; but to name a few, you will be offered various teambuilding and sports activities, picnics, movie nights, excursions around the city, and theme-based parties around Valentine’s and Halloween.

UCN has campuses in three cities: Aalborg, Hjørring and  Thisted. However, all of UCN's English-taught programmes are located at campuses in Aalborg.

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Right from the start, the ambassadors will arrange a series of activities o make sure that you will get to know your fellow students and quickly make new friends from both Denmark and around the world!

A unique academic atmosphere

In the city of Aalborg, UCN has four large campuses spread across the city. These campuses each house one of UCN's four education areas and all its associated study programmes. This makes each campus an exciting hub for teaching and research within a specific field where you will meet like-minded students and enjoy a great academic atmosphere.

This organisation also allows UCN to maintain updated and state-of-the-art, field-specific labs, workshops and equipment at each address. You will also find that the campus library stocks an abundance of relevant literature and subscribes to many academic and business-oriented magazines and databases.

A thriving social life

Social life on all campuses is thriving, and there is plenty of opportunity to take a break from academic studies and attend one of the many social events, 'Friday bars' or student parties. It is very common for Danes to get together around a shared interest, sport or hobby, or to do volunteer work in the local community. It is a great way to build your network, to do something nice for others and maybe even pick up a few new skills.

UCN offers many opportunities for you to get involved in life on campus. For example, you may become a voice in the UCN student council, join the volunteers managing the student bar, or decide to be an active member of one of the student sports clubs or activities such as the UCN Running Club Run4Fun.

You can take Danish lessons while you are here. Most Danes speak English quite well, but understanding and speaking Danish will benefit you both socially and particularly if you want to find a student job or a job after graduation.

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