About the programme

Introduction, structure, study duration

Purpose of the programme

Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme is designed to provide students with good starting point for working on different levels in architecture, construction industry, businesses and organizations or in relation to it. Through the course, students will most likely have acquired some idea of what they would like to work with, where they want to work, and the demands that the industry has for future employees. In other words students will have ample opportunity to create and customize the educational profile that matches their interests and wishes.


The ATCM programme is made up of a compulsory part, which consists of a number of core areas and educational components.
The compulsory part worths 125 ECTS credits, and the elective part worths 85 ECTS credits.

Semester 1:
Plot and house
Semester 2:
Plot and house
Semester 3: 
Industrial buildings and industrially produced building components
Semester 4:
Multi-storey residential and commercial
Semester 5:
Renovation and Conversion
Semester 6:
Semester 7:
Elective educational component and final exam project

Curriculum for ATCM (general) - PDF
Curriculum for ATCM (UCN specific) - PDF

Study duration

The Bachelor programme in Architectural Technology and Construction Management consists of seven semesters (3½ years), and in the 6th semester students will be doing an internship. Each semester is based on an interdisciplinary semester project that is to be completed in groups of three or four students and will be tried at an exam at the end of the semester. The whole Bachelor program is equivalent to 210 ECTS.

Mandatory Internship

'The ATCM programme offers a range of opportunities to gain international and practical experience as you are offered the opportunity to do an internship in a range of Danish or international companies as well as the opportunity to do a semester at a university abroad. Students on the ATCM programme are required to undertake a mandatory internship within 20 weeks which may take place in the 6th semester of the academic year.
After completing internship and final thesis, students are able to graduate and achieve an official bachelor degree from UCN, Denmark.

Qualification issuance

Students who complete total 210 ECTS will be granted an official Bachelor degree in Architectural Technology and Construction Management from UCN in Denmark. With this international qualification, students will have lots of opportunities to work in any foreign professional companies all over the world in a wide range sector of architecture, engineering, entrepreneur, banking, finance, insurance or building services companies etc.

Foundation programme

Vietnamese students who would like to pursue a Bachelor in Architectural Technology and Construction Management (ATCM) have to complete General upper secondary education or International Baccalaureate (IB) to get into the programme. Those who do not achieve this kind of qualification have to attend one year Foundation programme at HCMC University of Architecture. 



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