Testimonial from Dragos Bogdan Todoran

Dragos Bogdan Todoran is an international student from Romania, who graduated from the ATCM programme and got a job at the construction company AE Staalmontage A/S in Denmark.

What did you enjoy most about studying on the programme?

The challenge of being in a mixed environment, multiple cultures colliding together, different study approach than I was used to before. Being in an intertwined environment within the construction sector was also really exciting. It was very interesting to look at a project with different eyes (ex. from the eyes of an architect, structural engineer, MEP Engineer, construction manager etc.).

What challenged you most?

At the beginning - the new environment, the Danish way of learning and working together. Slowly, I would say the biggest challenge was levelling up on all the different courses – Building Services, Construction, Planning and Management etc. – one usually picks a focal point, but in order to be a good ATCM, one must have a quite good understanding of all parties involved.

Where do you work at the moment and what is your position? How did you get your current job?

I currently work at a construction company located in Støvring, south of Aalborg. My position is currently limited to tendering calculations and offers and I am project manager on a small 1.5 mil. DKK project in Horsens.

I got my current job through a contact that I made during my Master Degree at Aalborg University – I did not even need to send a CV, I just sent an e-mail and got called in for an interview as the CEO remembered me from our school visit.

What are the 3 most important skills that you have gained from your education at UCN and that brought you to your current employer?

The ability to look on a project with multiple eyes, the ability to be logical and reasonable when having a problem to face – a step by step approach, and probably the ability to collaborate with others – cooperation. 

What is your advice to students, who want to get to their dream job?

My advice would be never to give up, make as many contacts as possible and use the time spent in school - especially with the teachers – wisely. They really know what they are talking about.

And of course if you want to work in Denmark, learn the language, it makes everything 100 times easier – I could not be able to do my work in English for example.



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