Testimonial from Kevin Hogan

From the Lecture Halls of Aalborg to the Skyline of Melbourne

Internship in Melbourne turned into a dream job with one of the world's largest construction companies.

From Daydreams to Daily Bread

Since Kevin Hogan was a little boy, he dreamed of working with skyscrapers, but the prospects for work in the clouds was not big in Denmark. However, his dreams of working at the top took off when he was offered a position with one of Australia's largest construction companies, Multiplex.

The dream come true

Kevin Hogan became the first students from UCN who took his internship in Australia, and his stay 'down under' has since resulted in permanent employment.

After completing his training as an Architectural Technician and Construction Manager at UCN, Kevin Hogan returned to Melbourne, where he had left such a good impression that his previous internship company was ready to offer training positions with high salaries, big bonuses and the costs covered.

Up early and late to bed

But even though Kevin Hogan is living his dream of constructing multi-storey buildings of several hundred meters in height, it's no bed of roses. The working day easily ends up at 10-12 hours long, and when Kevin Hogan becomes a site manager, he can expect working weeks of up to 70 hours.

- This is the baseline when you want to make a top flight career in Australia's construction industry. The battle for the best employees is fierce, and long days are the price you pay when you want to work with the biggest and the best to build the future’s wonderful buildings, says Kevin Hogan, before rushing off to another crucial meeting.


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