Testimonial from Martin Dall

Martin Dall talks about the programme

Martin Dall saw The Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme as a springboard for his career as an architect, but ended up enjoying working as a constructor.

- The education has given me a great understanding of the construction engineering field. It is important for both constructors and architects that, besides being able to draw and design, they also can understand the technicalities behind it all, as well as build the actual houses – and that is what the Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme at UCN does.

- The fact that the Architectural Technology and Construction Management education offers many job opportunities – even more than an education in architecture – is great! That is one of the reasons why I never doubted of the fact that this study programme has been the right choice for me.

Martin was a part of an international class, which meant that his social life improved considerably. He was also satisfied academically, as the subjects were exciting: drawing technique, technical installations, planning & management were just some of his favourites.

- The entire first semester is actually a long project that has introduced us to a lot of new notions, as well as to the entire education. It is extremely exciting, and it is about to become even better. I enjoy studying with people from different nationalities, as it gives me the opportunity to understand and learn about different cultures – this will come in useful if I ever get to work abroad.

Martin’s initial dream was to work in an architectural company abroad, or maybe even start his own business with focus on the international market. Things shifted in a different direction though, as he felt that the constructor job actually suits him better than anything else. He is currently working at JKA Architects in Denmark, where he designs everything from carports to industrial buildings:

 - I love working as a constructor, and the extensive and solid knowledge that I obtained while studying Architectural Technology and Construction Management at UCN has contributed considerably.


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