Testimonial from Morten Sort Mouritsen

Morten Sort Mouritsen’s journey from UCN through Australia and to a leadership job in Denmark

What attracted me most to joining the Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme was the many possibilities and options the programme gives access to on the labor market – for example, one can become an entrepreneur or a consultant in the insurance or energy industry, among others.

When I was 20, I obtained my certificate of vocational aptitude in carpentry, and I therefore worked as a carpenter for 3 years in order to get some experience. I was very happy for my profession, but I knew all along that I wanted to study Architectural Technology and Construction Management at UCN. Therefore, I enrolled in the programme in 2005. Switching from demanding physical work to plain sitting while attending classes, as well as absorbing all the new knowledge one gets as a student was a big and exciting change. However, it was all worth it, as I soon became aware of how it all could be applied and used into practice.

When time came for me to take my internship in the 6th semester, I chose Australia as the destination and managed to get an intern position at a big construction company called Kane Construction in Sydney – this was a great experience that benefitted me both professionally and personally.

In January 2009 I graduated from the Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme, and soon after I got a job as a construction leader at Hustømrerne A/S in Denmark. It was shortly after that I realized how well my education at UCN had prepared me for the job – but there were nevertheless new things that I had to learn along the way. 3 years later I was promoted as head of department in the same company, which I have been working as for the past 5 years. The job has of course changed across the years, due to the evolution of my career, but also because the industry is dynamic and in constant change.

I have greatly benefitted from my Architectural Technology and Construction Management education at UCN, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for development and challenge. 


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