Testimonial from Norberg Gyorffy

If you have the will, UCN can give you the way!  A graduate Story of Norbert Gyorffy, a constructing architect.

I am a Constructing Architect working at Henning Larsen Architects - one of the best and biggest Danish architectural companies. I studied Architectural Technology and Construction Management at UCN, Aalborg Denmark.

Throughout the years, I enjoyed the practical approaches that is in great focus at UCN and the problem based learning really taught us and prepared us for the professional world "out there”.

The biggest difficulty maybe was to overcome the educational method difference that we had in Denmark in relations to other countries and their educational methods. Before UCN I studied architecture in high school, in Hungary and found that it can be challenging to overcome the different obstacles, but UCN provides great and helpful teachers who are available for you when help is needed.

Working for one of the best and biggest Danish architectural office which is recognized on a global scale is greatly rewarding and I can do nothing but recommend to pursue your dreams. If you have the will, UCN can give you the way. Throughout ATCM you can gain the necessary knowledge and experience to be successful in the building industry, not just in Denmark but also worldwide. The most important lessons ATCM taught me apart from the technical and theoretical knowledge was to be a team player, the „help others and others will help you” is a healthy attitude and it will help you to understand the complex relations not just in a professional working environment but it will also serve you well in your private life.

My final advice to you all who are thinking about pursuing a career in the world of architecture and building industry is, I encourage you to take a look around and see all the great buildings and projects all the art and beauty that Denmark and the Scandinavians gave to the world, and imagine that the opportunity to learn from the best, lays in front of you all. And if you are persistent enough and hardworking, you can also be one of the people who will form the future architecture, all over the world.


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