About the programme

The Bachelor Degree programme in Web Development is a top-up programme that takes 1.5 years and covers 3 semesters

It consists of 6 course modules, 3 core modules, 1 bridge module and two elective module over the first two semesters. The last semester covers an internship and the final exam project.

Course modules on the 1st and 2nd semesters

The 1st and 2nd semester course modules are as follows: 

Core modules:

  • Databases 
  • Development environments 
  • Interface design

Bridging module

  • Web development, backend programming (for Multimedia)
  • Web development, frontend programming (for Computer science)

Elective module
On the intranet is seen the offering of elective modules.

All modules mentioned above will be assessed through an oral examination.

The specific aim of the study programme

The contents and structure of the course are specifically planned towards a future within web and multimedia businesses.

This means that you will get in-depth knowledge about the technologies of the trade as well as knowledge that spans more advanced web development projects where the products are targeted at many different platforms to the use of multimedia in integrated communications solutions.

In short, you will get wide knowledge to ensure you many different future career and job opportunities.


Tuition will be a combination of theoretical lectures, problem solving and small project assignments. All course material and lectures will be in English.

Final bachelor degree exam project

You will finalise your education by preparing your bachelor project in which you must show that you are able to handle the theories learnt, use methodologies in practise and be able to independently apply them to solve a practise-related problem.

The project is in other words your way to present your methodological, analytical and theoretical competencies in relation to the reality that you will be faced with after graduation.

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You can read more about the modules in the curriculum.

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