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Research collaboration

UCN provides applied and practice-based research in the fields of healthcare, education, business and technology.

Our research focuses on impact for society through close cooperation with public organisations, local SMEs, universities, hospitals, clusters, and other relevant stakeholders.

Our applied and practice-based research activities are organised into interdisciplinary research centres, research programmes and research groups.

Research centres:

Furthermore, UCN conducts applied and practice-based monodisciplinary research within all four faculties of healthcare, education, business and technology. We have wide-spanning scientific competencies, and we continuously develop our scientific and academic environments by attracting highly competent research personnel.

UCN either coordinates or participates in a large number of European-funded projects i.e. Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, InterReg, Digital Europe, ESF, ERDF etc. Find three selected examples of our projects below.



In cooperation with partners in Denmark, France and Italy, this project aims to develop digital tools that contribute to increased retention at the early stages of vocational/technical education, helping students commencing studies as well as reducing drop-out rates. We know that vocational/technical schools in Denmark, France and Italy see high drop-out rates around the start of studies, which is a significant problem. The primary purpose of this project is to develop an innovative digital toolkit that focuses on the perspective of young students. The project is funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme.



IDEAHL is a European HorizonEurope project involving 14 European partners. The aim of the project is to develop and test knowledge, models and policy for health literacy (HL) and digital health literacy ((d)HL) with the purpose to improve EU citizens' (d)HL skills to improve a healthy and active lifestyle. The knowledge generated in IDEAHL will be the starting point of a wide-ranging and inclusive European digital health-literacy strategy.



The purpose of this project is to develop entrepreneurship and innovation capacity in students and staff in higher education institutions. Through co-design and open innovation, we aim to generate is to generate new knowledge of how to prepare the employees of the future for technological developments. This project is financed by the European HEI Initiative.


Do you want to know more about a possible collaboration with UCN? Send an e-mail to our Department of Research and Development and they will get back to you as soon as possible.