In the programme sustainable growth, UCNs researchers often collaborate with businesses, local government, hospitals, schools and universities.

We offer a wide range of collaboration forms, ensuring that we always have an offer that fits the needs of our collaborators. Our wish is to be seen as a scientific “test lab” in which companies and organisations can work with a concrete problem/challenge from their practical workday in close interaction with our researchers in one or more of our interdisciplinary research environments. This way, we can contribute to solving a concrete, practical challenge, while simultaneously developing new scientific knowledge within the field, as well as new methodical knowledge on the facilitation and collaboration processes that are employed during the project.

In each project, we bring together the competences in-house and externally that we believe are best suited to solving the challenge, including students who can test part elements through project or internship work, as well as those practitioners and citizens who will be using or benefitting from the solution in their everyday lives. During the research process, conventional practice within the field is challenged, and both we and the participants gain insight into a wide range of potential problems or circumstances that should be taken into consideration before a construction project, the development of a technology-intensive product or the implementation of a new teaching method is initiated. This ensures that the resulting solution is sustainable, value-generating and applicable in practice.

In addition, our close collaboration with practice ensures that we are continually challenged, developing and qualifying our own research and educational activities, enabling us to continually contribute with value-generating knowledge and competences, both through our research/collaboration activities and knowledge sharing and through our graduates.