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When you have chosen to study and move to Denmark, you might be interested in finding a student job for various reasons. One could be to cover living expenses, free time or to use your skills in practice. Therefore, we have summarised your opportunities, rights, terms and requirements, for having a job as an international student in Denmark.

Your first job

In search of your first job, it might be difficult to find out how, where and what to begin with. It might make it easier to divide your goals into manageable steps – start small and think big.

Many students in Denmark work and have jobs in weekends and during the week. Others also have full-time jobs during the summer holidays, as their work permit allows. But it is very important to remember that you are at UCN to study, and that your permit to reside in Denmark, relies on you being a dedicated student, who actively follows the courses, does your homework and passes the exams.

Before looking for any jobs, we recommend you to carefully read and understand the legal terms, conditions and rights for working as an international student in Denmark.

Looking for a job

To begin with, you can start with babysitting, cleaning, housekeeping, waitering, delivering papers and more over. A student job salary can vary between 10 and 14 EURO per hour.

Find more information and details about conditions, terms and your rights on Life in Denmark, when having a student job.