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We accept exchange students for clinical placement in English. The full-degree programme is taught in Danish.

Semesters open for clinical placements

The Department of Midwifery receives exchange students in the following semesters for clinical placement due to both uncomplicated- and complicated pregnancies, childbirths and postnatal periods:

  • Spring semester
  • Autumn semester

Who can apply for exchange?

We receive exchange students from the Erasmus+ and Nordplus programmes as well as from partner universities for short periods of clinical placement.

Exchange students should expect to communicate in English. Nordic languages can be used.

Where will the clinical placement take place?

Clinical placement will take place at one of our seven clinical placements in highly specialized hospitals in the North Denmark and Central Denmark Regions.

At each clinical placement we have clinical education midwives who are in charge of the clinical education of both Danish and international midwifery students. Furthermore, we assign international students to a buddy/student midwife.