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We accept exchange students for clinical placement in English. The full-degree programme is taught in Danish.

Life at UCN

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about study life at UCN.

Read about the study environment on campus, what to expect from your studies and life in Denmark in general.

Health studies at UCN

Our bachelor degree programmes in health care have a high quality and throughout the programme our students benefit from the close collaboration between the five health care education programmes: midwifery, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and radiography. Our education programmes have a high quality both theoretically and clinically.

Clinical practice

We have a very close collaboration with clinical practice and industry. In clinical practice we collaborate with well-educated clinical counsellors. The quality of both the theoretical and clinical education is ensured through national accreditation standards and our constant focus on quality development and quality assurance.

The Danish health care system

UCN has formal agreements with external partners in the Danish healthcare system in both the primary and secondary sector, among these hospitals, municipalities, private health providers and health centres.

Explore campus

At Selma Lagerløfs Vej Campus, students from our health programmes are gathered. Selma Lagerløfs Vej Campus offers you modern sites and includes a mix of facilities for theoretical teaching, lectures, study rooms and specialist facilities for each education programme.

Why study in Denmark?

What does it look like? How does it feel? What is it like to really live here? Take a tour of your future study destination and find practical information about coming to Denmark for inbound students.