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The aim of the course is that the student develops general skills within the complex neuro-musculoskeletal field to support a professional practice development based on methods from clinical practice and research.

The course content, curriculum and learning approach are based on the UCN model including integration of research, practice and learning skills supporting clinical competency development generally with a specific focus on movement, function and pain. A substantial part of the course will include lab skills and patient demonstrations in the UCN movement laboratory including state-of-the-art kinematic and kinetic methodology.

The theme of the course is clinical decision-making within a bio-psycho-social framework focusing on movement, function and pain. The course is based on research and evidence-informed practice and perspectives on knowledge-based practice within a systems theory framework.



Number of participants

Min.10 and max. 22. At least 5 students/applicants must be of another nationality than Danish to complete the course.


The department of Physiotherapy at UCN
Selma Lagerløfsvej 2
9220 Aalborg SØ