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Lerpyttervej Campus in Thisted

Study in the old commercial town Thisted. The town is located close to the Limfjord and the national park Thy. The fascinating Danish nature and tasty local foods will be right at your fingertips.

Get a glimpse of the student atmosphere

We are a close-knit campus. Our Lerpyttervej Campus houses five programmes resulting in a unique study environment. Each programme has a reasonable number of students to allow almost everyone to know everyone else, and the feeling of companionship is strong here. This gives you the opportunity to go to parties, Friday bars, lectures and activity days across the study programmes. 

Build your mind as well as your body 

The delicious and healthy food served at the cafeteria will keep you energised to delve into your subject field in the library, where you can work by yourself or with your group. You can also challenge yourself using the many sport facilities, the fitness centre and the swimming pool at ‘Thy hallen’, which is only 100 metres down the street. 

Access 24 hours a day

At Lerpyttervej Campus students have the opportunity to use our facilities after hours. Your student ID gives you round-the-clock access to Campus with its lounges and student work areas throughout. This is where you and your fellow students can do group work or just hang out.

Have a say on your student experience

You can influence your UCN student experience by joining The student council. The Council works with the management on matters including teaching and learning activities and the study environment, but The Council is also involved in organising social events such as parties and Friday bars.

You will meet your lecturers around Campus

At UCN you can expect to meet lecturers and heads of programme during your daily routines. Teaching and learning activities usually take place in regular classrooms. If you need help, you can always approach a lecturer to ask a question.