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The subject Teaching Practice is a fundamental part of the teacher education. This subject is the unifying
link between all parts of the education and guarantees its progression, e.g. because the teaching practices
are prepared, performed, and evaluated in cooperation with the teacher education’s school subjects and
the subject Teacher’s Basic Competence Areas.

Teaching practice organization and contents

Teaching Practice is divided into three levels. For each competence area, the three levels deal
with a number of skills and knowledge objectives. The three teaching practice levels together make up 30
ECTS points.


As part of each teaching practice, the students compile a teaching practice portfolio. A portfolio is defined as a collection of documents written, compiled, and selected by the student in accordance with a set of laid down principles following the rules of the Teaching Practice subject.

The requirements for the teaching practice portfolio are described in these documents:


This toolkit consists of the documents necessary for the three parties to teaching practices – the students, the school tutors, and the teachers of the teacher education, as well as headmasters and teaching practice coordinators at the placement schools.