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ECRPL 2021

See themes, speakers, presentations and proceedings from the last European Conference on Reflective Practice-based Learning.

Reflective Practice-based Learning is a recent contribution to the educational field, drawing on the theoretical legacy of e.g. Dewey, Kolb and Schön, thus emphasising experience, thinking and action as key concepts underpinning Reflective Practice-based Learning. RPL offers itself as an understanding of teaching and learning with an inherent pedagogy promoting reflection. RPL is particularly eligible for professional practice and education, thus suggesting an approach to the ever-relevant relationship between theory and practice. RPL is described in greater detail in the White Paper on Reflective Practice-based Learning.

Conference proceedings

The proceedings for ECRPL 2021 were edited by Horn, L.H. & Vetner, L.N.

Conference themes

ECRPL 2021 was organised into three primary tracks with suggested themes:

Keynote speakers and presentation

Find an overview of keynote speakers and presentations from ECRPL 2021.