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Add value - Know Your Customer is a board game that gives public and private businesses alike unique opportunities to enhance their customer service. In an unconventional and action-oriented way, the game allows you to sharpen the customer experience you offer – where can you add value and where can you save on time and resources? And all this while customers get the experience and the service they expect.

Play to improve service and boost your customer base

When you play Add Value – Know Your Customer, the focus is on your own customer service from the point of view of the customer, and at all contact points; right from when the customer ‘meets’ you for the first time – on the internet or over the phone, for example – up to the point where the customer has ‘left your premises’.

The unique approach means that you can optimise your business and customer service exactly where it is needed, and improve your ability to give customers the experience they expect. This results in increased sales and good ratings in customer networks.

One of the businesses that has tested the new board game is Comwell Sport Rebild Bakker (a hotel in Northern Denmark that specialises in active holidays):

‘We were reminded that we can’t deliver 100% service over the entire experience – we were forced to prioritise according to our customers’ needs. We used the game to build joint communication across our areas, and we discussed our service in areas that straddle hotel procedures and customer trajectories’, explains Jane Andersen, hotel manager at Comwell Sport Rebild Bakker.

What do you get out of the game?

  • Insights into your customers’ service needs
  • Overview of the points of contact between your customers and your business, and where to focus your interventions
  • Targeted interventions adapted to your business
  • Concrete solutions to customer-related challenges
  • Assistance in prioritising the optimal service to your specific customers
  • Concrete customer service initiatives that you can set in motion

Be inspired – where is it used today?

The game is used by large and small businesses alike, as well as educational institutions.

Businesses use the game to facilitate ongoing service improvements with the aim of giving their customers the optimal service experience.

At present, the game is used by two large initiatives involving many businesses:

  • Digital Vækst Kultur (an initiative focusing on the digital development potential of businesses)
  • City Chef 2020(an initiative assisting local champions and entrepreneurs to boost local community retailing)

Educational institutions use the game to support students who will work in customer service and experience. Currently, the game is used by the following educational institutions:

  • Erhvervsakademi Århus (Business Academy Aarhus)
  • Erhvervsakademi Midt vest (Business Academy MidtVest)
  • UCN oplevelser og sport (UCN's business-oriented study programmes focusing on the sport, hospitality and experience industries)
  • UCN Digital Konceptudvikling (UCN's Bachelor's Degree Programme in Digital Concept Development)
  • UCN Next Step (UCN business incubation initiative)


UCN act2learn offers facilitation of the process, and we do recommend a facilitator at least the first time you play Add Value – Know Your Customer. It is a game that requires a broad view and an ability to summarise the process.


Option 1: Board game, excluding facilitation
Price: DKK3,750, excl. VAT

Option 2: Board game, including facilitation and follow-up
Price: DKK16,750, excl. VAT

What are the benefits of facilitation?

  • A thorough introduction to the thoughts behind service design and the game itself
  • Quality assurance as well as a focus on the aim of the game
  • Challenging you to break away from your business-as-usual ways of thinking
  • Summary and reflection
  • Game tutorials that enable you to play on your own going forward

Examples of feedback from businesses that have tried Add Value - Know Your Customer

Simon Hasbøg from sales at atnu.dk (a business specialising in the sale of sports and dietary products):
‘For an entrepreneurial business like Atnu, it is incredibly important to be able to put yourself in the shoes of the customer so to speak, because time and resources are scarce. You are not given many chances to reach your target customers and reach them well. We have had an incredible process thanks to Add Value – Know Your Customer; it has given us the opportunity to gain clear insights into our customer base and how we would like to communicate with and reach our customers. It has also given us insights into the many factors that we can include in our service. The game can easily be played again and again, with different customers as the focus of attention.’

Sarah Kruse, sales and procurement manager at industrial laundry Kruse Vask:
‘We played Add Value – Know Your Customer across our company, mixing management with our production team and the people who are in close contact with customers. And UCN’s service design game worked – across functions, education levels and preconceptions; it created a useful and entertaining foundation for genuine discussions about our business and what we want going forward. The game really made sense to us. The facilitation by UCN act2learn produced tangible opportunities for change of our daily routines. Now all we need is to play by ourselves – and involve our partners. And we are looking forward to that!’

Jane Andersen, hotel manager at Comwell Sport Rebild Bakker:
‘Comwell Sport Rebild Bakker is a business with a coherent service strategy, and management, who participated in playing Add Value - Know Your Customer, was keen to see if the game could contribute anything specific.
Our expectations were more than met – as we played, we found the game to be exceptionally action-oriented.
We were reminded that we can’t deliver 100% service over the entire experience – we were forced to prioritise according to our customers’ needs. We used the game to build joint communication across our areas, and we discussed our service in areas that straddle hotel procedures and customer trajectories, and which for that reason can be particularly difficult to coordinate. We feel that Cecilie from UCN act2learn managed to create a unique process around the game, which has meant that we carry on working on the ideas and courses of action we got from the game.

Jacob Bertelsen, sales consultant at printing business Basis-Tryk:
‘Basis-Tryk in Dronninglund is an owner-managed modern printing business where customer relations are key. That’s why the Add Value – Know Your Customer board game caught our interest; we found in it some useful tools to manage a discussion about, especially, the various points at which the customer comes into contact with us. The most fruitful discussions happen when one plays the game across company levels and departments – this is when the interesting ideas are born!
Another thing that proved particularly useful to us as a small business, was the very action-oriented conclusion to the game; it gives you something very tangible and specific to take forward – the very next day even.

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